Monday, May 25, 2009


I long for the day that I embrace a woman that is virtuous and pure. She is holiness in stature despite the temptations of the world; she has endured. She has endured to be holy without blame to give praises and honor to God's name. Her beauty and worth is not from magazines or books of the world instead it is founded in the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords who has made her more precious than pearls. Her heart beat races to obey God in all her ways, her love for me is founded in the Rock of Ages. In her heart Christ comes before all things, so our love is secure because it is founded in Christ who sustains all things.

As I look into your eyes you pierce my heart causing me to look away. However, I wonder do you have mutual feelings for me? I question my intentions why do I like you?
Is it mere emotions? Attraction? Lust? If it is for any of these motives I pray God will remove me from your face. But my feelings still feel the same. What am I to do? Pursue a relationship? Seek God and His kingdom!!! God is clear He is our provider, so I must rely on His sovereign will.

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Gera3d said...

That is a tall order my friend =D. Once someone told me that when you aim high you have to understand that the Lord will not allow the relationship until you are a man worth of her. So just seek the Lord my friend she will find you when your not looking for her.