Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Creator/creation distinction

Some thoughts from reading Every Thought Captive By Richard L. Pratt, Jr.

As Christians we must think dependently on God. Those that try to think independently make themselves the ultimate authority not God setting the conditions and prerequisites for what is acceptable as evidence concerning God and His revealed Word. This independent thinking is a factor in the non-Christians rejection of Christ. However, by what justification does the non-Christian have for thinking independently making themselves the ultimate authority? The answer must be circular in nature distinctly different from circular reasoning the Christian commits. As previously discussed in a later article.


James Stillwell said...

The Christian notion of a creator god, that's a god who created, or creates from nothing is refuted in my following deductive argument.
A(god) cannot cause -B(nothing) to become B(existence) since -B is nothing to cause,effect, create from.
Therefore an A(god) that can create from -B(nothing) cannot exist.

R.C. Dozier said...

I don't quite understand your argument. It looks like there is a premise missing in your argument. Is it intended to be a disjunctive? It sounds like your last premise is a non-sequitur.

You are saying God (who is omnipotent) cannot create something from nothing. Do you know that with certainty? Is it possible for an all-powerful and all-knowing God to create something from nothing and reveal it to us in such a way that we can know it to be true?