Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Christmas is a holiday that most Christians celebrate because they want to honor our Lord and Savior’s birth despite the origin and nature of the holiday. In its historical context it leaves no doubt the roots of the celebration are not Christian rather pagan. However, this is a genetic fallacy because it is irrelevant the origin of the holiday rather is what is celebrated valid and true? Of course our Lord’s birth is worthy of celebration. But as Christians there are concerns about the holiday in general. I want to look at a specific concern. (if one wants to investigate further refer to www.mountzion.org/PDFs/icch.pdf.) I was watching a Christmas movie and the focus was not on Christ Jesus rather Chris Cringle is this not idolatry? Yet what was most disturbing was the movies emphasis on Santa Clause. The movie was teaching children to believe in a fairy tale.

This “innocent” belief in Santa eventually results in children finding out the truth that Santa does not existence. It seems there are consequences to instigating children to believe in a fairy tale it causes them to look at God in the same way. Atheism is being played out from this Christmas tradition. People are exchanging the truth of God for a lie and after the lie is revealed the truth is mistaken for a lie.

The Lord Jesus Christ should be the center of our lives all the time not one time out of the year. As Christians I believe we must repent from this holiday tradition, and turn to the true giver and provider Jesus Christ. Our children must be protected from the lies of the world and firmly founded in the truth of the scriptures which, is God breathed perfect for sound doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in the things of righteousness.

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