Sunday, October 12, 2008


Mormonism is a worldview that has a problem. Mormonism is founded on the book of Mormon (BOM) which was supposedly translated by Joesph Smith Jr. from Reformed Egyptian hieroglyphics (which is a language that does not exist) to English. The problem with this is that the translation cannot be verified as correct because the language is not known by man. As the BOM says in Mormon 9:34-35 it is a heavenly language which no one except Joe Smith can translate.

Historically speaking Joesph Smith was documented in New York as a glass looker (in other words a con-man). So I must ask should we yield to a convicted con-man that the book only he can read and verify is the Word of God? Joe Smith is not the ultimate authority God is. God has given us reliable revelation the Bible, so we must test all things (1 thes 5:20) by it, not by what people say like Smith or subjective feelings (like a burning in the bosom).

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