Saturday, August 22, 2015

Uniqueness of Christianity

Some of the reasons Christianity is not just better than alternative worldviews but necessary: 

1. The unity (one) and diversity (many) we encounter in human thought and experience is explained by the Trinity. God created both to reflect his nature. 

2. The eternal love of God is possible since God is eternally three persons yet one essence that share in eternal love (the good of another person) between each person. 

3. The justice of God is preserved yet satisfied in the love and justice of God satisfied in the substitutionary death of Christ on the cross. This shows we are truly loved by God and leaves no room for fear or insecurity: we boldly can come to God through the cross, no room for boasting or self-righteousness, we are so sinful God himself had to absorb the wrath our sin deserves. 

4. Salvation by grace alone.

5. The Bible is primarily the inspired, inerrant, infallible Word of God; secondarily it is historically reliable with one theme of redemption that surpasses all criticism. (SNAP: Sufficient, Necessary, Authority, and Perspicuity ) It gives us us the only worldview that is coherent, consistent, with rich explanatory power and scope. Transforms our experiences and consciences,  gives us authentic hope, and fulfillment that is livable. 

7. The Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ (e.g. His death, burial, empty tomb, resurrection appearances to various people, changed lives by the resurrected Christ in the face of religious/political opposition, martyrdom of his disciples for their faith).

8. Objective moral values/duties, human dignity and beauty that are universally binding upon all people independent of their personal beliefs; all of these are given either as commandments or essential to nature from God that reflect His love, and goodness. 

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