Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Yuba Stroll Outreach 2014

A Few Outreach Highlights 

The outreach began with a banner and passing out tracts. As soon as Eddie and I geared up to preach with amplification, the local police prohibited us from it. So we complied and moved to a prime location of foot traffic. Brother Eddie started to preach to a family that was captivated by the burning question of them being good enough for heaven. Eddie explained the futility of self-righteousness. 

I preached and fielded questions from the audience. There were some striking hecklers in the crowd. The first was a young adult who lashed out the preaching was violating and unbiblical. He then said, he was a southern baptist. I responded that Christianity is not exclusively private but comprehensively public. The man's attitude left the impression he needed the gospel. I told him to repent and trust in Christ. Next, I encountered Russell. He was a self-admitted atheist. I told him atheism is irrational. If he denied Christianity there is no foundation for morality. I challenged him to make sense of morals. There cannot be moral laws without God, the moral law giver! I pointed to racism as objectively wrong (at all places, and at all times).  I asked, Why, as an atheist, is racism objectively wrong? He strongly disagreed that it is objective. I told him then he's a racist. He later spouted off the planets growth population and limited resources as justification for racism. I asked him how he knew the earth population statistics were accurate. Since he didn't observe all people, in all place, at all times to gather the data. He didn't give any good reason.  I told him atheism makes knowledge impossible but Christianity makes knowledge possible. 

As we wrapped up the night. A few professing Christians heckled the preaching. They were pulled aside. We discussed their main concerns. They mistaked yelling for hatred. We told them our intentions are christ-centered with love for the lost. 

Finally, we got to pass out tracts to Mormon missionaries. 

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