Friday, May 9, 2014

Dr. Anderson v. Dr. Craig

I recently listened to Dr. William Lane Craig's Reasonable Faith Podcast, in which, he criticized Dr. James Anderson's recent post on middle knowledge. I wanted to direct my readers to Dr. Anderson's reply to Dr. Craig here. Make sure to read Dr. Anderson's interaction with Dr. Greg Welty in the comments.

After thinking through Dr. Craig's criticisms and Dr. Anderson's counter arguments, I wonder what would Dr. Craig say to fictional middle knowledge? Why not consider middle knowledge the same as Dr. Craig's fictionalism? Wouldn't such a view withstand Dr. Travis Campbell's criticisms? It plausibly  would give Calvinists a way of speaking about God's providence, much like possible world semantics, without the metaphysical baggage of excluding counterfactals from God's natural knowledge. Just some thoughts!


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