Tuesday, May 21, 2013

God, why is there evil?

Many Christians and non-Christians alike are troubled by evil in the world. For the former it is a testimony of God's mercy and sovereignty. But for the latter it is viewed as supposedly a disproof of God's existence.

The problem can be stated in different ways but in the end it reduces to questioning God's reasons for providentially planning and sustaining the existence of evil. The question why does God allow evil and suffering in the world, I think is a difficult question. Here are some plausible answers:

1. God has a morally sufficient reason for why he allows evil to exist. To argue he doesn't cannot be shown by limited human knowledge.
2. It is for a greater good. We do not see the big picture of all the events that occur but God is orchestrating them for ultimate good. For example, Jesus died by the hands of wicked men so those that repent and trust in Him may have everlasting life.
3. God created laws of nature. If God intervened every time evil or suffering occurred what would stop people from demanding God to intervene for everything at every time? It doesn't sound like atheists want evil and suffering to stop, it sounds like they want heaven on earth.
4. God uses evil and suffering to build our character.
5. God gave humans originally the freedom of choice. God did not force Adam and Eve to love and obey him. He gave them the ability to choose good or evil.
 6. If God removed evil from the world, like rape, God to be fair would be obligated to punish not just some but all evil and suffering. Everyone would cease to exist because all evil and suffering is the results of sin. Everyone is guilty not innocent so all would cease to exist if God chose to destroy evil now instead of deal with it through the cross of Christ.
7. God created all things, rules all things, controls all things, and owns all things. This means God has the right to do whatever he wants with his property (i.e. creation). Or as Romans 9 puts it, the potter has power over the clay to do whatever he wills with it.

 Ultimately I think it all comes down to what we put our trust in. Are we going to trust God’s infinite knowledge and wisdom or man’s limited knowledge?
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