Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Incarnation

Some thoughts on the incarnation. JP Moreland and William Lane Craig give an interesting model of how Christians can defend the coherence of the incarnation. They argue, if God intrinsically possesses all attributes that are required to be a human person, then all that is needed for a genuine incarnation is a body. If the Divine Logos takes upon flesh that is sufficient for a legitimate incarnation. This view would sail smoothly away from Nestorianism. Since it does not make a"human soul" a necessary condition for being human. Or even if it does, the condition is all ready met in God's nature.

On such a model the mind of Christ being the divine Logos makes it difficult to explain the human character and experiences of Christ. The problem is solved, according to Moreland and Craig, by distinguishing Christ's consciousness and subconsciousness. If the divine thoughts are in the subconsciousness of Christ, then it can makes sense to say Jesus went through human experiences; he learned, cried, and suffered. Perhaps this article would be helpful putting forward a possible coherent model of the incarnation.  

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