Thursday, March 14, 2013


Do propositions, states of affairs, numbers, colors, sets, and logical laws, metaphysically exist? Another way to ask is, do universals (in contrast to particulars) exist? There are only two ways to answer the question. Either they exist independently or dependently on God. That is not to say that they are either necessary or contingent. Since such concepts can depend on God and be necessary given the fact the concepts are intrinsic to God. For example, if the laws of logic are the way God thinks, then the laws would be both dependent and necessary from God's nature.

Abstract entities like numbers either exist solely in man's mind in which case Nominalism is true. Or such concepts exist in the world establishing realism. But if Augustine was correct, then the concepts, or specifically universals, exist eternally in the mind of God. On such a view conceptualism is true. And God instances them by making humans in His image with such concepts in their minds.

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