Monday, February 4, 2013

Why I Will Raise My Children With God Part 3

   The blogger writes God is unfair, hidden, and narcissistic. The blogger continues to make moral claims about God. She says God is “unfair” and “narcissistic.” But can the blogger justify moral absolutes, such as fairness, and selflessness, given her atheism? I think not. It is as if the blogger has shot bullets with a gun, and both, she cannot have in principle, since her worldview cannot justify such things. However, it is on the basis of Christianity, she can make such claims, since moral absolutes are justified by the Absolute, omni-benevolent God of scripture. The blogger is made in the image of God although she continues in self-deception to suppress the truth in unrighteousness. So we can take the bloggers assertions seriously only because Christianity is true. What do we make of her claims? First, no one is innocent, and therefore, God owes mankind only justice. To say that God is unfair is to bite the hand that provides and sustains the one that makes the claim. But more to the point, to make such a claim, one must be judging God by some moral standards that are rationally unjustifiable (e.g. moral realism, and moral relativism). Since the only necessary justifiable foundation for absolute moral standards is God’s absolute character. 

Is God selfish? No, since God is self-sufficient (in no need of anything) and morally perfect (doesn't lack any moral perfection).  Why then does he require man to repent and believe in him? Simply put, it pleased him to do so. He freely chose to condescend, and have communion with his creatures. He was not obligated to do so but he did. Mankind now is commanded everywhere to repent and trust in Christ’s life, death, and resurrection for salvation.     

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