Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Apologetical Idolatry

One's interests can interfere with priorities. The same can be said for the Christian. One's interests in apologetics can interfere with the priorities of God in devotion, prayer, meditation and study of God's Word. Apologetics can become an idol, that consumes the affections of a Christian, in the place of God's Word.

Practical Steps: To Prevent Apologetical Idolatry

1.  Pray God would help you to cast aside any idols. 
2. Study the Bible (on any topic, including apologetics, as ones primary authority).
3. Be devoted, and nurtured by God's Word.
4. Memorize Scripture.
5. Seek to make reading the scriptures one's strongest desire. 
6. Seek to delight in God as He reveals Himself in scripture. 
7. Encounter Jesus and be captivated by Him to passionately love God and people as you ought.
8. Seek God to help you build a godly character with the help of the Holy Spirit. As He controls and empowers you to live for Him.

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